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Learning from Geese

  • Geese fly in formation, which extends their flight range by 71%, they are stronger and perform better together.
  • They ‘honk’, not only to encourage each other, but to regularly check-in and ensure all team members are present.
  • Geese will use all their energy and determination to return to the team if they are struggling and falling behind.
  • They will look after those unable to fly by breaking formation and heading to the ground until they’re all able to rejoin the flock.
  • Geese are both leaders and followers, and rotate who’s leading the team, sharing the challenge equally.

More about what we do

Applied Consulting

We bring a hands-on partnership approach to consulting that spans discovery, design, development and delivery.

Explore with us what’s possible through applying the latest thinking in:

  • Applied Positive Psychology
  • Positive Organisational Scholarship
  • Organisational Research
  • Business Transformation
  • Cultural Change
  • Organisational Development

Transformative Coaching

We create a space where coaching can take you on a journey that unfolds both potential and possibility.

Take a look at personalised learning through:

  • One-to-one Work:Life Coaching
  • Positive Psychology Practice
  • Challenging Situation Coaching
  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Group Coaching and Facilitation

Experiential Learning

We craft immersive programmes that cover a wide range of elements to provide exactly what’s needed, plus some of the stuff you’ve perhaps not yet considered.

Here are some of our favourites:

  • Our Behavioural Agility programme Agilitas – “agility, speed and versatility”
  • Our Positive Teams programme Simul Fortes – “together we are strong”
  • Our Positive Leadership programme Fortis Ducis – “brave leadership”
  • Our Personal Development programme Iter Vitae – “life journey”
  • Your own bespoke programme Creare Tua – “create yours”

Spotlight on Simul Fortes

 Simul Fortes is our signature way of bringing team members together. We cultivate a high-trust, mutually supportive and focused culture, transforming your team and enabling individuals to become powerful role models for your organisation.

Here’s a little bit about how it works

Before we start: We take a short climate survey and hold a one-to-one with everyone involved to establish the current situation and your specific needs.

During your programme: We then take you through a series of specially tailored workshops that can be delivered in bitesized 2-hour or half day and full day slots depending on you preferred approach. These include:

  • Identify: Access to greater awareness and appreciation of the whole team’s strengths

  • Fortify: A journey through resilience and its relationship to performance and wellbeing 

  • Unify: Exploration of the team’s Why, How and What, connecting individuals with your organisational purpose

  • Amplify: Taking the team’s performance and impact to the next level while maintaining morale and wellbeing

  • Do It By…: Evaluating results, embedding the learnings and establishing a strategy for sustainable change

“together we are strong”

When we’re done: We look at what’s been achieved so far with a repeat of the climate survey. With you, we then reflect on the effects of your new behaviours and ways of working, and help you to form any next steps.