Our Name

‘Animi Fortes’ are two Latin words that represent what we aspire to both be and bring forth in others. ‘Animi’ means ‘minds’, ‘spirits’ or ‘rational souls’, and ‘Fortes’ means ‘strong’, ‘courageous’, ‘powerful’ or ‘brave’.

We Value

  • Purpose because it gives us reason and direction driven by passion. Being purpose-led means we focus on more than just profit and keeps us mindful of our impact on people, organisations and the planet. It serves as the call to action for all who work with us or share our vision. Our purpose is to enable you to fulfill yours.
  • Inclusion because we know we’re all part of the solution, and we find value and learning everywhere, even in resistance. We’re open to new perspectives, ideas and viewpoints, and value diversity in people, thinking and approaches.

  • Courage because, when we’re feeling vulnerable, we still choose to enter the arena without knowing the outcome. It gives us the strength to begin in spite of fear, accept challenge, learn and develop. It reveals our innate determination and keeps us moving forward in the face of setbacks.

  • Balance because the pursuit of excellence and the realisation of our purpose can only be sustained alongside self-compassion, and the willingness to restore ourselves. It is this sweet spot that allows us to do our best work, whilst enjoying our lives… this is what it means to flourish.

We’re a bit like Huskies

You will find our team environment to be one suffused with energy, excitement and a drive to do great things. We are a collaborative team, nimble and agile, yet we are mindful of being purposeful before taking action.

The Example of Huskies

  • Huskies have a common purpose and vision and find immense joy in what they do.
  • They are friendly and gentle, yet alert and outgoing, and see work as play.
  • Huskies operate in service of each other and those they transport and naturally do this well.
  • They are inclusive of new people and make the most of individual strengths.
  • Huskies face what is in front of them and pull together with incredible endurance and courage.
  • They are quick, nimble-footed and known for their powerful and seemingly effortless agility.

Our Co-Founders

Ed Midson
Inspirer, Leader,
Laughter and Change Maker

“Right, what’s going on
over there then?”


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Pam Barker-Mears
Believer, Connector, Creator,
Unstoppable Collaborator

“Are you a bit
discombobulated now?”


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As a team

We’re always looking for opportunities to release hidden potential in ourselves and others to achieve the best possible outcomes. We flourish as a team, not because we always agree, but because we are always open and trust each other’s positive intention for learning and growth. We want to be the best version of ourselves we can be, as individuals and collectively.

We will soon be introducing you to the rest of our amazing team

So watch this space

Our Logo

Our logo shows people with different perspectives coming together and symbolises that, in all the work we do, there is a collective consciousness where all thoughts, feelings and beliefs ​in context​ are valid.

Our Colours

In general terms; Orange represents joy, enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement and stimulation; Green is often connected with ​nature, growth, harmony, freshness, money, safety, and healing; ​Teal signifies creativity, inspiration, credibility, reliability and spiritual development​.

In organisational psychology these colours represent different levels in human consciousness. Orange in this context refers to a level that most organisations operate at today, where moving forward and achievements are king, holding the belief ‘anyone can get there if they both want it and work hard enough’. Green saw the birth of less hierarchical, more values driven organisations that empower their people and strive for consensus. Teal is the emerging organisational consciousness of purpose-led, authentic-self and self-managing organisations that are continuously evolving.

Most organisations are a blend of these, with a preference for one more than the others, their dominant level of consciousness. We live to support people during their exciting transition from ‘achievement orange’ towards ‘evolutionary teal’. – ​Inspired by Reinventing Organisations by Frederic Laloux.