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We facilitate change to create realities where people thrive

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Applied Consulting

We offer a true partnership that focuses on actualising the behavioural development needed to create environments where people thrive, cultures evolve and your work realises its highest purpose.

Experiential Learning

Our immersive facilitation uncovers hidden natural abilities and accelerates the development and adoption of new skills to maximise confidence, creativity,  effectiveness and value.

Transformative Coaching

We support and challenge individuals and teams to gain new insight, clarity and direction, empowering them to reach further, improve resilience and realise their full potential.

Our Approach

We will likely be one of the most collaborative and flexible providers you will ever work with. We know this is a bold claim, but here is how can we support it.

As experts in facilitating change, we have a clear model for what enables and disables any desired outcome. But, we know processes and frameworks will only take us so far, as both groups and individuals have their own beliefs, values, motivations and strengths.

The flexible framework we use to manage and deliver all our programmes is called 7D. We’ve developed this approach over years of practice, blending it with the latest thinking and findings from organisational development, positive psychology, change management and agile project methodology.

When you partner with us, our highly trained and supportive specialists engage every community affected, at every stage.

We focus on getting to know the people we work with and carefully listening to uncover their current needs. We seek to identify the styles and preferences that will allow us to work with you in a way that best suits you and your existing and emerging cultures.

We give people the skills to own and drive change for themselves. Not only does this ensure essential buy-in, it enables you to produce measurable, lasting and outstanding results.

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Our Focus

As we look forward to the future, we know that the landscape for people and organisations is changing. We stay relevant by learning, anticipating some of those changes and adapting our approach with agility. To thrive in organisations, both today and tomorrow, we know that culture, collaboration and leadership are fundamental. And yet, we know there is much more to what makes us thrive in life.

We drive change through the lens of wellbeing, wholehearted connection to purpose and the application of positive psychology. We champion authenticity, relationships and trust, while building confidence, resilience and ownership. The by-product of these things will be continuous improvement and performance.

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