Animi Corde (which in Latin means ‘of heart’) is our Social Purpose arm of the business. We want this page to be a place where you’ll find interesting content that speaks to you, will prove insightful and be useful. We are all work in progress and much of what we will put here is designed to support people on their journey, as well as share the latest discoveries and learnings distilled from our own. 

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In the meantime here are some useful things we’d like to share

Geese can teach us a lot about teamwork. This free one-page download provides the perfect collection of talking points. Perhaps share it with your team at the next ‘retro’ (retrospective) to aid some reflections about how the team is working at the moment.

We are a bit like huskies here at Animi Fortes. Like any team though, we need to do our reflections to ensure we’re remaining united and on track. This free one-page download provides a collection of talking points your team may enjoy. Perhaps try it out at your next team meeting?

We think teams are one of the best things about being human; what can be achieved when we work together bears no limits. But how do we ensure the team environment is as good as it could be? Here are 5 things we regard as core. Take a look and discuss them with your team.

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Please bear with us while we create an environment where our cherished community can meet and learn together.

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