More about our services

Applied Consulting

We bring a hands-on partnership approach to consulting that spans discovery, design, development and delivery.

Explore with us what’s possible through applying the latest thinking in:

  • Applied Positive Psychology
  • Positive Organisational Scholarship
  • Organisational Research
  • Business Transformation
  • Cultural Change
  • Organisational Development

Transformative Coaching

We create a space where coaching can take you on a journey that unfolds both potential and possibility.

Take a look at personalised learning through:

  • One-to-one Work:Life Coaching
  • Positive Psychology Practice
  • Challenging Situation Coaching
  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Group Coaching and Facilitation

Experiential Learning

We craft immersive programmes that cover a wide range of elements to provide exactly what’s needed, plus some of the stuff you’ve perhaps not yet considered.

Here are some of our favourites:

  • Our Behavioural Agility programme Agilitas – “agility, speed and versatility”
  • Our Positive Teams programme Simul Fortes – “together we are strong”
  • Our Positive Leadership programme Fortis Ducis – “brave leadership”
  • Our Personal Development programme Iter Vitae – “life journey”
  • Your own bespoke programme Creare Tua – “create yours”

Employee Wellbeing

We’ve innovated the way organisations can support the mental health and wellbeing of their people.

To find out more about these highly blended and novel approaches, please visit our sister website

Learning from Geese

  • Geese fly in formation, which extends their flight range by 71%, they are stronger and perform better together.
  • They ‘honk’, not only to encourage each other, but to regularly check-in and ensure all team members are present.
  • Geese will use all their energy and determination to return to the team if they are struggling and falling behind.
  • They will look after those unable to fly by breaking formation and heading to the ground until they’re all able to rejoin the flock.
  • Geese are both leaders and followers, and rotate who’s leading the team, sharing the challenge equally.

Spotlight on Simul Fortes

 Simul Fortes is our signature way of bringing team members together. We cultivate a high-trust, mutually supportive and focused culture, transforming your team and enabling individuals to become powerful role models for your organisation.

Here’s a little bit about how it works

Before we start: We take a short climate survey and hold a one-to-one with everyone involved to establish the current situation and your specific needs.

During your programme: We then take you through a series of specially tailored workshops that can be delivered in bitesized 2-hour or half day and full day slots depending on you preferred approach. These include:

  • Identify: Access to greater awareness and appreciation of the whole team’s strengths

  • Fortify: A journey through resilience and its relationship to performance and wellbeing 

  • Unify: Exploration of the team’s Why, How and What, connecting individuals with your organisational purpose

  • Amplify: Taking the team’s performance and impact to the next level while maintaining morale and wellbeing

  • Do It By…: Evaluating results, embedding the learnings and establishing a strategy for sustainable change

“together we are strong”

When we’re done: We look at what’s been achieved so far with a repeat of the climate survey. With you, we then reflect on the effects of your new behaviours and ways of working, and help you to form any next steps.

More about our focus

Our focus spans four quadrants where we integrate the most common challenges organisations still face today with what the latest research shows will overcome them. These eight core elements are purpose and leadership, wellbeing and engagement, culture and collaboration, and agility and performance. Together these form the bedrock of what will enable an organisation to advance to its unrealised potential.

We know the landscape for people and organisations is changing. To stay relevant, anticipating some of those changes and adapting requires agility. To thrive in organisations, both today and tomorrow, culture, collaboration and leadership will remain fundamental as we continue to evolve. And yet, people are becoming more aware that there is much more to what makes us thrive in life.

We drive change through the lens of wellbeing, wholehearted connection to purpose and the application of positive psychology. We champion authenticity, relationships and trust, while building confidence, resilience and ownership. The by-product of these things will be continuous improvement and performance.

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